Charles BibbsCCharles Bibbs is a native of California. Charles's gifts were recognized at an early age and he found many ways of expressing himself artistically.

Distinctive, sophisticated, majestic, graceful and spiritual . . . All words used to describe the artistic genius of Charles Bibbs. For more than twelve years, Charles has been creating his special brand of stylized art capturing the attention of art enthusiasts around the world.

Bibbs creates powerful statements depicting urban street scenes, sensitive expressions of generational love, and majestic African-Indian images. The art of Charles Bibbs is born through a creative process that comes from a level of spirituality that cannot be easily explained or expressed.

Throughout his career, Bibbs has persisted in exploring new avenues of expression. Bibbs' range of versatility extends from mixed media drawing and painting to clay vessels and masks. Most of us are moved by his bold and powerful visual statements and his unusual style of fusing acrylic paint and ink. This style, couple with African and contemporary African-American themes, creates stimulating and sensitive spectacles. His artistic renderings depict Africans and African-American people with positive and sensitive imagery.

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M. Jewel O'Neal

As a child growing up in Mississippi, M. Jewel O'Neal often created designs in the sand. Fascinated by color, she would pour Kool-Aid into the groves to complete her work. Jewel loved art and culture from a young age and subsequently went on to achieve her B.A in Art. 

Many of Jewel's paintings reflect personal experiences and impressions from her travels to Morocco, Northern Africa, Spain and France. 

Jewel states that "Art is a symbolic journey into life, an inner feeling of emotions, thoughts, visions and contentment". Jewel resides in Cincinnati Ohio with her family.

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Anthony Stollings


 Born on December 15, 1953, in a small town outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, Anthony Stollings is the second child of eight.  He is known in the art world for his creativity, talent and generosity of spirit.  His values have always been to enlighten and teach people about the human spirit and how to heal yourself.  Much of his artwork illustrates this deep-rooted need we all have to over-come any obstacles in our lives that prevent us from being all that we can be.

 Anthony’s interest in art came about by watching his father paint portraits of his mother and seven siblings.  Regrettably, his father did not have the luxury of pursuing his dream of becoming a career artist.  Fortunately for us, he was able to instill in his son the beauty and the pain of being an artist.  Anthony also inherited much of his mother’s creativity.  Mrs. Stollings, in addition to being a mother, a housewife, and a working woman, also wrote beautiful poetry.


Anthony’s artwork was influenced by Robert Duncanson and by the masters at the Cincinnati Art Museum.  While working at the Museum, the master’s work helped influence his sense of color and style.   Being a self-taught artist,  Anthony has put innumerable hours into his work.  It is both his heart and soul. Art enthusiasts have been able to feel the depth of emotion he reveals in his work.

 9-1-1 is a powerful piece which he created after viewing the tragedy on television.  That night, he dreamed there was a man who had been hurt and individuals were trying to tell him not to go back into the wreckage.   Anthony says, “ Sometime you have to put a value on things.  He had hurt his shoulder but he had to go get the flag.  He put the flag around his waist and wasn’t coming out until he could bring the flag with him.  I added the rips in the flag to symbolize the rips in our country, which is part of the American way. The man in the painting is an everyday person, and that is what America was build on - every day people doing the best we can with what we have to work with.”


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Joyce Phillips Young has created a unique style for her art expressions through the use of rich, vibrant colors which evoke excitement and emotional responses from the viewer.  The work of the artist reflects her many years of study and interest in art, training in music, and passion for the joy and happiness she derives from creating art. 

Ms. Young attended Miami University in Oxford, Ohio where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Design and a Masters of Education Degree in Art Education.  In 1991 Joyce became the first female art supervisor for the Cincinnati Public Schools.  She also has taught African American Art History at the University of Cincinnati, and has received much public recognition and numerous awards for her work as a painter, muralist, arts educator, and arts advocate.  The artist has exhibited in numerous group and invitational exhibitions locally, nationally, and in the Caribbean.

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Gilbert Young's support of various community activities and events in his native town of Cincinnati, Ohio spans over two decades.  He was active there in both the artistic and scholastic arenas.  Young served as Director and Conservator of the Fine Arts Collection for the University of Cincinnati for twenty-six years. He also served as Artist-in Residence for the University in 1994-1995.

Dating back to 1975, this multi-talented, multi-faceted, internationally known artist has lent the use of his images and time to many community projects and organizations.  Young served as a consultant to the Harriet Beecher Stowe House Project, a renovation and restoration project for the Harriet Beecher Stowe house, creating a cultural arts center for the visual and performing arts in Cincinnati.  In 1991, when the Cincinnati branch of the National Council of Negro Women hosted its first "Black Family Reunion", Gilbert was asked to provide the image that would become the official poster of the event.  He also lent the use of his image, "Inside Daddy's World" , to The Black Male Coalition of Greater Cincinnati, Inc. in 1995 as the cover of their brochure and one of his most profound works, a commissioned portrait of civil rights leader Dr. martin Luther King hangs in the lobby of University Hospital.

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