Charles BibbsCharles Bibbs is a native of California. Charles's gifts were recognized at an early age and he found many ways of expressing himself artistically.

Distinctive, sophisticated, majestic, graceful and spiritual . . . All words used to describe the artistic genius of Charles Bibbs. For more than twelve years, Charles has been creating his special brand of stylized art capturing the attention of art enthusiasts around the world.

Bibbs creates powerful statements depicting urban street scenes, sensitive expressions of generational love, and majestic African-Indian images. The art of Charles Bibbs is born through a creative process that comes from a level of spirituality that cannot be easily explained or expressed.

Throughout his career, Bibbs has persisted in exploring new avenues of expression. Bibbs' range of versatility extends from mixed media drawing and painting to clay vessels and masks. Most of us are moved by his bold and powerful visual statements and his unusual style of fusing acrylic paint and ink. This style, couple with African and contemporary African-American themes, creates stimulating and sensitive spectacles. His artistic renderings depict Africans and African-American people with positive and sensitive imagery.

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